About Restaurant Business Network

The Restaurant Business Network.

A food business-centric ecosystem founded in bringing innovative solutions designed for every food business size and need –whether a startup kiosk franchisee, a growing café with multiple branches or a big restaurant chain. The key ingredients to success is providing excellent customer experience.

Our mindset:


What’s in it for the members?

Connectivity offered by the ecosystem pertains to both digital network provided through the ICT tools and products of Globe as well as the access to shared resources and suppliers, regardless of business size and location.

Get inspirations.

Mentorship, workshops through content, seminars and workshops offered through the events anchored in the RBN.

Access to business tools.

Connections and solutions are now a click away with the members-exclusive offers from Globe myBusiness and other enablers (partners). Whether it’s financial, advertising, digital, supplies etc., RBN got it covered for all business type and need.

Food Expo

WITH THE RAPID EVOLUTION OF CONSUMER FOOD PREFERENCE and the growing demands for food production that goes with increasing population and stronger spending power, the agri-food sector remains the biggest employment sector in the ASEAN community accounting for 38% of its work force. As such, the agri-food industry is a top-ranked priority for the ASEAN integration, with bulk of their economic growth, trade and investments depending on it. However, there is much to be accomplished for its sustainable growth and development by raising land productivity and ensuring market demands.

The ASEAN agribusiness is also gaining power in export trading. Latest studies present great opportunities for intra-ASEAN trade in agri-food. Albeit a smaller share of 2.5% to total exports as compared to a 4.3% share of extra-ASEAN exports to total exports, its growth has significantly doubled from 2008-2011 with more growth potential projected if the ASEAN is able to achieve harmonization of standards across all its participating countries and address the technical barriers to trade.